I hired Cottage Construction Company to install skylights in my home. John Wrigley came, estimated the job and designed amazing skylights. The team was fast and efficient. I am very happy with the quality of their work and their estimate... click to read more

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We recommend Cottage Construction for any of your custom building needs. They are responsible, dependable builders w/ a talent for creativity and detail. We had the privilege of working with them on our 1400 sq ft custom home. They were... click to read more

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About Us

Cottage Construction Company has been building fine homes, in Humboldt County, California for over ten years.  As Co-owners we are John Pope and John Wrigley with over 45 years of building experience between us.  We are design builders, meaning we offer both design and construction services for cutomizing your homes.

The designer-builder model couples services to streamline the process; doing so allows us to keep closer to customers' visions and budgets.  We design and produce full, plan sets for new construction, remodels, additions, and specialty what is a compare and contrast essay projects.  We go through the permitting process with you--to finalize a set of plans and begin building.

The building and construction strategies we employ, along with regular maintenance of a home, will last not just for years, but for generations.  Additionally, when materials and labor are chosen wisely, construction longevity can be extended and quality maximized.  With an additional 10% increase in budget--with any given size project--a remarkable increase in lifetime can be added to projects by using higher quality materials and the proper installation methods.  Building homes that last is what we do; it is both good for you and for the planet.

John PopeJohn Pope

John Pope's construction focus is the fine art of building custom, residential, Craftsman style homes.  He also has built homes in both the Victorian and Tudor styles.  A life-long student of design and architecture, John has witnessed the “Old World” style of construction connecting people to their surroundings and giving them a grounding rod for the aesthetics life offers.  "Design informs life and life informs design," says John.  His goal is to take the one place on earth we call “home” and make it something beautiful and inspiring to the soul.

Mr. Pope’s mind never rests during a project.  He considers remodels and additions extremely fun since they offer welcome challenges to blend the old with the new in seamless ways.  In his words, "The hardest aspect of any addition or remodel is to make it appear as though it was never an addition at all.”  Since any project requires diligence on multiple fronts, John appreciates the customer’s input and has always enjoyed dealing directly with customer concerns, ideas, and creativity.  As much as John is an artist, he also knows that the bottom-line counts, too.   He asserts that, “…communication during a project is an essential component of a project’s timely completion and a customer’s happiness.”

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John Wrigley

John Wrigley, a native Eurekan, was originally a San Francisco builder, where hilltops are surrounded by water and where builders are always in process of tearing-down and replacing buildings or remodelling existing ones.  Having completed many remodels has left Mr. Wrigley with a deep appreciation of interior space and the flow of life weaving around space: "I've restored many old structures, turning houses into unified homes; this work has always been rewarding for all involved, customers and builder alike."

Most of the Victorian buildings, in The City, were made of old growth, Humboldt County, California redwood.  Being able to save such structures not only made sense ethically, but also made sense economically.  Since old growth redwood is no longer a readily available resource, older structures containing redwood must be preserved and valued.   Known for its longevity, compared to other softwood species on the West Coast, redwood provides structures with sturdy foundations and roofs that can last centuries, if property maintained.  John also uses this old world approach to building with modern materials to create lasting structures, in and around coastal Humboldt.  

Creating buildings, furniture, and wood solutions is an undeniable part of John's being:  "It’s a beautiful thing when we set materials and tools into motion together.  I feel that excitement each day I come to work.  The caveat--at the end of the day--is getting to look back and reflect upon the form that has taken place.  As a boy, I loved carving wood in my dad's barn.  As a builder, I'm still carving--just in a different way; it's like turning wood into water.  Our customers are integral to this respectful and reciprocal building process.  It's a shared experience."

John appreciates artful, complicated projects since they are unique puzzles to be solved within the parameters of designs, budgets, and time.  What is more, he reflects: "Our customers return since we offer more than just construction--we make possible their dreams."

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