Project Overview

When Cottage Construction Company finishes a remodel, we enjoy visiting in retrospect to analyze the resultant old and new structures over time.  In this project It's difficult to see, and looking at the before and after pictures, it is amazing that this house is the same one we design-built for. It's fulfilling to see the house's landscaping mature and watch the house transform from a project into a well lived home. We recall drawing the plans for the project was fun and challenging due to the many additions and how they had to be incorporated into the existing structure.  Additions included extra kitchen space with a breakfast nook, a living room window seat bay, a master bath with a walk in closet, extra master bedroom space, a slate patio, and a front entry. There wasn't any part of the house that was left untouched--a complete makeover that has beautifully withstood the California coastal climate and the test of time.

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