Project Overview

The California Craftsman style of design and construction may be bent to blend styles.  For this project, the Fieldbrook customer hired Cottage Construction Company to create an interior finish with clear, vertical grain fir.  Although, traditionally, interior craftsman trim was accomplished with either naturally dark wood, like redwood, or dark stains, Cottage worked to built what the customer desired for reflecting more light and to be less somber,  The result was a livingroom and stair case with a built-in storage area tucked underneath the stairs. The result was a sturdy, rather formal decor of the Craftsman style in contrast with dark, walnut details using sparingly.  (See photos.) The vertical grain steps of the staircase lap onto each other in a descending format, pegged with walnut dowls and pins, pegged with beauty.  These dark walnut elements might be lost if both woods were of the same hue, but here, they are called out, and speaking of hand joinery craftsmanship and home thoughtfully rendered.