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We recommend Cottage Construction for any of your custom building needs. They are responsible, dependable builders w/ a talent for creativity and detail. We had the privilege of working with them on our 1400 sq ft custom home. They were... click to read more

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When comparing prices between different contractors, knowing what you are comparing is important. Each contractor reviewing and evaluating your set of plans will interpret differently the vague or unknown details in a plan set.  Such details matter, in the long-run.

For example, when a plan set has a detail for a vent, does it list that the screen should be galvanized, zinc plated, or brass?  Should the decking be cedar or redwood?  Does the plan spell-out stainless steel fasteners for a seaside climate to eliminate rust?  Such building details may be left up to the contractor and the details can add up and affect the overall longevity, quality, and  price.

Usually the rule of thumb "you get what you pay for" may applies when you get back a bid on your project which is much lower than the other bids.  To insure you receive what you think you are paying for, start asking questions about the details.  Also, consider asking about past projects the contractor has done and request past customer referral lists.  You might also compare notes between contractors who have bid on your job: are all the contractors bidding on your job really bidding on the same project?  Though the contractors who bid on your project may have used the same plan set, there is no guarantee the detail level, competence or communication will be the same from one contractor to the next. 

Cottage Construction Company evaluates bids thouroughly--with honest and accurate figures of the details that add-up--to assure customers they know what is going into their project.

Additions & Remodels

Remodels and additions are exceptions since they are often complex projects compared to new construction.  Remodels and additions are rife with unknowns about the original strcture and state of aging.  Complex and evolving solutions often spring out of customer and contractor round table discussions on how to accomplish a certain phase on a remodel or addition project.  Thus, being able to move laterally into a construction solution becomes important to achieve satisfactory end results--especially when prior construction techniques may not be known until the demolition phase allows a look into the details of, for example, past water damage, past maintenance, and past pest invasions.  For the above reasons, we prefer to first give good faith estimates, and then work forward through the job on a Time & Materials basis.

We consider your final budget carefully.  When changes are made to the proposed project, we deliver what that particular change means to your budget. We understand that you need information on a timely basis in order to make informed decisions on whether to leave a particular idea in or out of the final project.  With such information at your side, surprises at the end of your project can be avoided.

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To make sure we meet your expectations as builders, Cottage Construcion gives one, free, initial consultation.  We are confident you will want us as integral members to your team. Contact Us

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