I hired Cottage Construction Company to install skylights in my home. John Wrigley came, estimated the job and designed amazing skylights. The team was fast and efficient. I am very happy with the quality of their work and their estimate... click to read more

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We recommend Cottage Construction for any of your custom building needs. They are responsible, dependable builders w/ a talent for creativity and detail. We had the privilege of working with them on our 1400 sq ft custom home. They were... click to read more

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For you, engage in a recursive process for integrated design-build projects.  We zoom-in on the details and zoom-out to consider the context of the overall project and environment in which it is being built.  If you’ve been communicating to us from the beginning of your project, then you won’t have to communicate to yet another party the hundreds of details you just discussed.   If we design your project within your budget constraints, then we know it can be built for that budget as well.  This stream-lined process and communication is unique to design-build teams. 

If you already have an idea of what you want, then we can collaborate with you to find solutions for complex design problems.  The design-build process needs to be met with open minds and the ability for both the design teem and the customer to find mutual synergy.  To determine the synergy, we offer free, initial consultations.  Contact us.

We work from Softplan, a computer aided design software product. This versatile, powerful platform allows changes to plan layouts easily.  Softplan files of floor layouts, perspectives, and elevations can be sent as 3-D files--allowing you the ability to virtually "walk through" potential spaces and view structures from mutliple perspectives, both inside and out.  This planning process allows for more insight and visualization of the fnished product, which makes for fewer assumptions and changes in the actual building process.  Ultimately, such a level communication results in projects that finish both on time and close to budget.


When builidng in Humboldt, sometimes up to 8 different governmental agencies must be notified about a building project.  We help negotiate that process, even with the California Coastal Commission--from the onset of planning to site work after the house is built.

If you have a realtor helping you with a purchase and would like an expert opinion on the site's potential for a structure, then we can help.  Finding a potential building site may not be completely apparent, or orienting your residence for solar gain, for example, may seem daunting.  We can advise as to the best viewshed and the optimal location for a leach field  for the septic system.  We can consult how to pull energy from the grid, from gas, from the wind or the sun.  We can explain the purpose and function of a perc test.  We help negotiate the building waters if you are drowning in information and are up to your ears in myriad details.  Cottage Construction Company knows the local lay of the land.

Although we may not initially have the answer to all of your specific questions, we conduct research on your behalf and float you pertinent information, so you can make informed decisions before, during, and after a property investment.

New Residential BuildingNew Residential:

Sometimes what we want and the search we may take to find that just right  place takes time and a guide.  We want to help you find and create a home that is uniquely yours.  We design-build as well as build new homes from existing plan sets to deliver beautiful, custom homes.

Remodels & AdditionsRemodel & Additions:

Requests for additional space sometimes leads to separate, "mother-in-law" units.  Such additional spaces can be both beatiful and integral to the property--as if it has been planned all along.  Some considerations we work with people to plan for and build are appropriate parking, separate and private entrances, as well as seperate gas and electric meters. Cottage Construction works with customers to conforms to local building codes for multiple units on the same property.  We have built design-built secondary rental units, storage units, garages, gazebos, and green houses.

We integrate new addtions onto existing structures as if they were there all along.  The road to integrated projects happens through adequate planning; however, there is no short-cut past creative problem solving in the field when challenges arise.  Since we have witnessed many construction styles, there is a strong chance we may predict the complications before building, leading more likely to projects completed satisfactorily on time and on budget.

pope kitchen 1 20130108 1579690781Cabinetry:

In Cottage Construction's wood-working shop, we make anything, from one-of-a kind staircases to built-in armoires.  We have design-built day beds, kitchen nooks, entertainment centers, and home offices with built-in furniture designed.  We have custom-built the outside trim-details for houses to increase curb-appeal and property value.  We have turned square entrances into archways with pillars.  We have built clear-story windows and oval windows as well as traditional windows.  We have designed curved banisters for generations of children to slide-down.  We have made heirloom toyboxes.  We specialize in custom-built trim, window and door casings to match original house designs or to upgrade house details.  We are all about the details; we transform both inside and outside spaces with wood.

Most of the finish woodwork is completed in the Cottage Construction Company shop.  This space gives us addidtional latitude to be creative builders with your ideas--giving you the artisan’s touch if you desire.  At the end of the day, when you enter home, we want you to discover something new and wonderful about the details we worked with you to create.  Given the right tools and a creative imagination, we can make any idea you have into hand crafted treasures for generations to come according to the "small is beautiful" home-building philosophy.

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