Project Overview

Cottage Construction Company design-built a curved, deck with jacuzzi for this Eureka family living outside the city limits and within a forested valley.  Cottage Construction gladly rose to the challenge to "build something that's not square," and in so doing developed a trusted, working relationship over time.  The resultant deck helped bring the outdoors in and the indoors out. In essence, structures like these create a flow bridging interior spaces with exterior spaces--opportunities to blend one with the other for maxmium California living.  In this project not only were curves used, but also descending platforms were used to create a sense of cascading pools of water with a spa in the center and in which the customer was the center.  The resultant relationship has been the owners have since hired Cottage to design and build several more projects--remodels of the entry, kitchen, a bathroom, and most recently, storage in the garage.  With Cottage, these customers have taken steps to increasingly customize their beautiful house according to their long-term vision for home and for entertaining others in their home.